After 12 months, mag has a total average circulation of 20,500

One year on, Cyclist mag surpasses launch expectations

Since it launched last summer, Cyclist magazine has surpassed all launch plan expectations, says publisher Dennis.

Tapping into the boom in road cycling in Britain, with huge numbers of new participants and the growth of a sophisticated new market, Cyclist was set up to appeal to an ‘executive’ audience that appreciates the beauty and heritage of the sport, and they now have a magazine that reflects their attitudes and aspirations.

Circulation targets are currently exceeding the publisher’s plan, with total average circulation at 20,500 – and in terms of UK newsstand (average ~13K), overseas Newsstand (~average 2000) and subscribers (5500 volume). Cyclist’s biggest issue of the year achieved a pagination of 188 pages with 62 pages of advertising, which is second in the market that month to Cycling Plus, said the publisher.

Dennis said: "From the first issue, the aim of the Cyclist team has been to bring a new level of journalistic and visual quality to the cycling market.

‘Much of the reason for Cyclist’s rapid success is owing to its elegant design, which has been much lauded by readers. The magazine uses only the best, exclusive photography – no agency images – and we ensure that every feature is presented in a way that is stunning to look at, whether it’s an Alpine vista or carbon wheel. Cyclist’s ride photography brings to life the freedom and exertion of the sport, while the product photography aims to show off in fine detail the craftsmanship involved in bicycle construction. We are steering clear of reviews with star ratings, as what suits us may not necessarily suit everyone. Our goal is to steer our reader in the direction of a product that will suit their needs and assist them in making an informed decision."

The publisher also has some client testimonials:

Paola Santini – Santini: "The launch of Cyclist Magazine is exciting, it’s a beautiful magazine and we’re proud to be seen in the publication that offers something different. We are very careful with our brand and we are careful who we partner with, our brand means everything to us."

Calvin Cox – Marketing Manager Sigma Sport: "When we saw the first copy of Cyclist we recognised a great fit with the Sigma Sport brand, the quality of the content and photography matches the Sigma Sport objective of providing the highest levels of expert customer services in the industry. It’s great to see a publication taking time to produce unique, quality content giving readers excellent advice."

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