New G-sport Plegs currently being shipped

One for the stunt men

For those retailers with a strong BMX client base, make note of these one of a kind stunt pegs from G-sport. These ‘Plegs’ have been in the making since 2001 according to the G-sport website, shown here.

Prototypes were first shown at Interbike 2006, with a predicted release date of 2007, however, G-sport has further tuned the design to suit the extreme conditions stunt pegs are put under.

So what’s new about these pegs? They’re plastic. Confused? You should be, because plastic pegs have been marketed before to very limited success. For a product that is designed to come into contact with harsh surfaces such as brick and metal, hardened steel/aluminium/titanium is often used for stunt pegs. These pegs, however are made following years of research into the strongest/most durable/cost effective plastic compound available and have survived thorough testing of team riders on the Odyssey brands team.

These are big news for the street riding niche, as they enable new territories and surfaces to be grinded and at $12/ £6 per ‘Pleg’ (cheaper than the majority of pegs on the market) they are a pocket money product that will intrigue kids and experienced stunt men alike. They also weigh in at approximately half of a standard steel peg. Uniquely, replacement sleeves are available, so once all sides are evenly ground down, there’s no need to replace the peg at full cost.

Limited stocks are currently available in the US, shipping to the UK will be confirmed in the coming weeks and they will eventually be available via IMG distribution.

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