Winners and their prototypes will be on display at Taipei Cycle Show in March

One cm framed ‘Thin’ bike up for Bicycle Design Award

Thin bikes, anti-theft pedals and wind-powered cycle lights are all up for awards in this years’s International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC).

The ‘Thin Bike’ from Rodriguez Bodi, Spain, is a light racing bike with a frame as thin as one centimetre. According to the blurb, that’s possible because of the locked solid cylinder profile structure, which creates triangular geometries.

The ‘Theft Pedal’, from Yao, Ying-Ling and Hsu, Ting-Yun is a fresh take on the anti-theft market. Using the profile of the pedal the two sides of the pedal extend to form a fork shape which is then fixed to the frame, locking the pedal. As a result the pedal can’t be moved forwards, preventing a thief from making off with the bike.

Another innovative entry to the awards is a Wind-Powered LED headlight, from Kue, Li-Wei Kuo and Wu, Yu-Wei. When the bike is in motion the light uses headwind to generate electricity, charging three AAA rechargeable batteries. That energy may also be used to power a small fan when the cyclist stops at traffic lights, says the entry list (which you can find in the Taipei Cycle Show guide here).

The winners, to be revealed at next month’s Taipei Cycle Show, where whittled down from 391 concepts from 45 countries. The ten best will share a purse of 600,000 TWD (approx £13,800).

The prototypes will be on display at the show too.

Promoting young talent, the awards are in their 17th year, organised by the Taiwan branch of the renowned iF International Forum Design. The competition is hosted by the Cycling and Health Tech Industry R&D Centre, sponsored by the Department of Industrial Technology and Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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