Nicole Cooke and Jamie Staff have teamed up with the government's THINK road safety campaign to encourage young cyclists to wear helmets.

Olympians urge kids to wear lids

Nicole Cooke, who, sadly, had a lacklustre time in Athens, said:

"There is nothing better than being out and about on my bike. But it’s easy to forget that drivers don’t always see you, even if you can see them. I wear a helmet every time I ride my bike, whether I’m on the road or the racetrack. I’m giving my support to the THINK! campaign to try to encourage more young people to do the same."

Jamie Staff, the BMX-to-track star controversially disqualified in today’s Keiran final, said:

"Cycling is a great way to keep fit but if you don’t do it safely, the results can be disastrous. Helmets can help reduce the chances and severity of head injuries – yet most young cyclists don’t wear them. I am lending my support to the THINK campaign to make young bikers aware of how important it is to cycle safely and to wear a helmet every time they ride their bikes."

Earlier this year, Jason Queally, an Olympic gold medal winner at the Sydney Olympics, put his name to the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust’s parliamentary campaign to make helmet use for cyclists 16 years old and younger compulsory. When quizzed, his agent said Queally had not understood exactly what BHIT was pushing for and the track star was in favour of helmets but not compulsion. Later reports said that Queally did support compulsion.

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