EBC link with dirt pro to 'prove electric bikes are now capable of anything'

Olly Parker lands ‘first e-bike backflip’

The Electric Bike Corporation has linked with dirt jump pro Olly Parker, who has now landed what is believed to be the world’s first electric bike backflip.

Wanting to prove to the masses that off-road e-bikes are just as capable as standard builds on the dirt, EBC handed Parker a £2,299 AVE XH5, which the rider then proceeded to flip at the Radical Bikes park in Essex.

Talking about the stunt Olly said: “The Ave was obviously a lot heavier than my usual dirt jump bike so I had to put in some special preparation. I took the Ave XH5 to my local trails to get used to how it handled and I was gob-smacked how well it performed, held its lines and there’s no doubt it was a serious fun. Flipping it was a big step and I overcooked the first one due to the momentum of the additional weight and had to dab. However, once I’d got that dialed I flipped it a few other times and it felt fine. I’m just thinking how many heads I’d turn if I entered a dirt jump competition on the Ave…”

Paul Stanforth, managing director of EBC Ltd, Ave’s UK importers, said: “Modern ebikes with their reduced weight and extended range are now appealing to a much younger customer, with models being available for every style of riding from off-road to commuting to folding ebikes. Olly’s stunt is a bit extreme, but is a great way to demonstrate just how far the ebike has come in the last few years and the video is proving very popular with several thousand views.”

The BikeRadar filmed and edited video is found below:

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