Luggage specialist remains in Utah and moves in next week

Ogio doubles headquarter size with eco-friendly build

Luggage specialists Ogio will next week move into a new state of the art headquarters in Draper, Utah following five years of growth.

At 25,000 square feet, the new build is nearly double the size of the old facility and boasts eco-credentials with selected materials used to minimise the carbon footprint.

“The blueprints of our new headquarters were carefully selected to align with our creative DNA and collaborative spirit. We wanted the new workspace to embody the elements of a design studio, encouraging and inspiring unparalleled creativity,” commented Tony Palma, OGIO’s CEO. “Architectural designs fused with environmentally conscious materials and lighting are the showcase of our new office.”

Cascading lighting, monolith design features, unique work stations constructed from reclaimed steel structure beams, and ergonomic award-winning seating are additional carefully selected features that staff will benefit from.

OGIO just celebrated its 27th anniversary and has experienced significant growth since its inception. The company now comprises a team of sixty-five individuals.

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