Architects' Journal and The Crown Estate launch "Future Office" competition.

Office of the future will be bike-friendly suggests Crown Estate comp

The Architects’ Journal has teamed up with the Crown Estate to launch a "Future Office" competition – and going by the promotional graphic the office of the future will have to cater for people on bikes.

The Crown Estate is an investor and developer with a central-London portfolio worth £6 billion, including the whole of Regent Street and much of St James’s. The Future Office competition is open to all UK-based architects. It asks entrants to consider how inspiring and effective workplaces will operate from 2020 onwards based on changing ways of living and working, new technology and other factors such as traffic congestion and the impact of climate change. Clearly, bikes fit into that scenerio.

James Cooksey, director of central London at The Crown Estate, said: ‘This is about challenging our thinking in an office market that is constantly evolving in a globally competitive market. We want to promote the best talent, drive innovation and support great design to stay ahead of the game in delivering outstanding office space in a world-class location."

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