Nrg4 consignment stock programme branded a success, now open to all dealers

Nrg4 Cycling is to open up its no-risk Limar ‘consignment stock’ programme after trialing the scheme throughout 2017 with numerous dealers nationwide.

According to the distributor, the majority of dealers that tried the scheme have asked for it to be extended to other brands distributed by Nrg4. Through the service, dealers can to add to their inventory without adding extra cost; some of those on the trial have seen an increase in sales exceeding 17 per cent.

Stock is only invoiced once a month on agreed terms and only once it has been sold. Consignment stock is then replenished in readiness for the next customer to enter the shop.

Craig Middleton from Nrg4 explained: “We first ran the programme without any expectations, those dealers that bought into the idea had huge success which made us totally rethink our strategy and make other brands and products available including lights and pumps.

“Today we have a large network of dealers taking advantage of the programme and we’d like to invite other interested dealers to get in touch with us to discuss their needs. There exists no extensive contracts just a simple agreement between both parties detailing how the programme works.”

This year Limar is adding five new helmets to its portfolio including a complete range of aero helmets in the ‘Air Revolution’ range. These helmets will become available throughout 2018.

Team Astana will be launching a new model at each Grand Tour; these will be available to the consignment stockists first.

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