Iphone cases, a groundbreaking book on the past 'doping culture' of cycling by an insider and fresh winter garments

November new product round up

Nite Ize Connect iPhone 4 case
Whitby and Co: 01539 721032

Yes, we know the iPhone 5 has just come out, but assuming the majority of us are not silly enough to camp outside a London department store for two days to buy virtually the same phone owned previously – let us present to you Nite Ize’s Connect Case.
As handlebar mounted cases go, it’s on the less intrusive side, discreetly relying on Nite Ize’s own ‘Gear Ties’ to bind the case tightly to whatever it is your customer would like to attach it to. Familiar with Gorilla Pod tripods? The attachment on this case works a bit like that, but with flexible ties.
Both a carry caribiner and a belt clip are included allowing you to attach it in a variety of ways to your person, while the ports from which the Gear Ties come from allow for both vertical and horizontal configuration with ease.
Though not specifically designed to protect, the case is robust and will deflect minor knocks, as well as allow for docking while in its case. The unit retails
for £19.95.

Verso Expandable Gilet
Two Zero: 07711 054 216

Got a customer who is having difficulty squeezing a backpack underneath a jacket or hi-vis vest to provide their pack with some shelter from the elements?
Thankfully you can now sell them a Two Zero Expandable Gilet – a £35.99 dual purpose, expandable high visibility vest, which expands so it can go over the top of a rucksack, so the rider is still completely reflective even when wearing a rucksack.
Patent pending, the Gilet has elasticated panels expand around the contours of the rider and their gear. Two colours are available at present – fluorescent yellow and black – and both feature silver reflective detailing adorned to the lightweight, breathable material.

Nikwax Basefresh conditioner
www.Nikwax.com, 01892 786 400

Apparel aftercare label Nikwax has come up with a solution for extending the life of technical base layers by boosting the technical properties of the fabric in one wash.
The Basefresh conditioner is designed to deoderise and accelerate the drying properties of a garment. Furthermore, this conditioner is not aggressive like regular detergents, meaning any performance lost by a garment through heavy washing has a chance to replenish and revitalise.
BaseFresh-treated garments are also said to be more resistant to staining and are easier to clean once tarnished.
A 300ml container costs £3.49, while a one litre tub will cost just £8.99. Five litre containers are also available and will retail for £29.99. The product lands in November.

Vandals 2013 BMX
Mint Distribution: 01273 551095

It’s been in the pipeline for a while and if you’ve been following Mint Distribution’s social media accounts you may already have seen these bikes, but here’s the first look at The Vandals 2013 line.
Designed in-house, the label meets the demand of the sub-£300 complete bike market.
Phil Davis, owner of Mint, said of the range: “We are kicking off with the Limited Edition run of Vandals x Troop 2013 complete Bikes. They come in four colourways: Gloss Black and Polished Chrome, Chrome, Anodised Red and Matt Black, Matt Orange and Matt Black (LHD version) and a Limited Edition bike coming in Gloss Black with a mix of subtle
gold parts.”
The Vandals x Troop 2013 completes all come with removable brake hardware, a 20.5 tt, sealed intergrated headsets, mid BBs, 8.5 tall bars, 2,3 Fat Innova Whitewall tyres and a nine-inch standover, giving the rider a cool looking complete at an entry-level price.

Endura Photon Jacket
Direct: 01506 497749

One of the challenges of making a waterproof cycling jacket is to combine water-repellent properties with low bulk and low weight.
With the new Photon Jacket, Endura has tackled this challenge in style. This member in the brand’s family of cycling jackets is extremely lightweight and ultra packable for a fully waterproof, completely seam-sealed jacket. The Photon Jacket keeps the user dry on wet days, yet fits into a jersey pocket, so it’s ideal for taking along when the weather is changeable, which is most of the time. The element proofing comes from the ultra compact 2.5-layer waterproof breathable fabric construction.
The men’s Photon Jacket is available in black, red, and high-viz in sizes small through XXL. The women-specific version comes in mint green, black, and high-viz in sizes extra small to L. Both retail for £69.99.

The Secret Race
Transworld Publishing: 01206 255 777

Hitting the shelves with a timely publication, Transworld has released The Secret Race, penned by former Olympic Gold medallist Tyler Hamilton who raced alongside Lance Armstrong.
With help from Daniel Coyle, the author behind Sunday Times best-seller Lance Armstrong: Tour de Force, Hamilton recounts the lengths that professional athletes would go to, to enable them to compete on a level playing field.
The narrative focuses on Hamilton, long-time team mate of Armstrong and former world number one, who spent ten years at the centre of what has become the biggest doping case ever and one which Armstrong recently declared he was tired of fighting.
Hamilton says of the book: “I think once people read my account they’ll realise that the doping story is bigger than any one individual in the sport.”

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