How employees travel to work can affect their health – and have a cost impact on industry, says new study of 12,000 employees

Not commuting by bike or on foot? Then expect to be more stressed

A new study has found that those who commute by car, bus or train to work are far more likely to be stressed and suffer from exhaustion, reports The Daily Mail.

The study of 12,000 employees aged between 18 and 65 is expected to encourage more investigation into how commuting affects health – and which form of transport is the least and most stressful.

Lund University in Sweden carried out the research. Erik Hansson said: "Generally car and public transport users suffered more everyday stress, poorer sleep quality, exhaustion and, on a seven point scale, felt that they struggled with their health compared to the active commuters.

"The negative health of public transport users increased with journey time."

The Daily Mail article goes on to note that while issues such as income, family background and environmental factors also have an impact on stress, the findings have thrown light on how travel affects health and therefore how travel has a cost impact on industry.

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