Alongside the original inductees of Charlie Kelly, Jacquie Phelan, Charlie Cunningham, Joe Murray, Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and others, there are industry names such as Ignaz Schwinn, Keizo Shimano, and profilic journalist Zapata Espinosa. Nominations are sought for the 2003 draught. Those nominated should have been involved with mountain biking for at least the past 10 years, and need not be American. has below thrown some names into the ring. Care to comment, or add more?

Nominations sought for Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Neither of the British-based fathers of mountain biking are in the Hall of Fame yet. They should be nominated.

Geoff Apps was tinkering with very English, deer-stalker type ‘cross country cycles’ before the Marin County pioneers did their grease repacking in the 1980s. However, his Range Rider bicycles never really caught on. What American Richard Ballantine brought into the country did: he imported the very first MTB to Britain.

No doubt there are many other potential ‘names’ out there.

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and Museum of Crested Butte, Colorado, is seeking nominations for the 2003 induction ballot. Nominees can be individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the sport of mountain biking.

Nominations must be a minimum of 250 words. Include in the narrative, why you think this individual or group belongs in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. List specific examples of their contributions. Say where and during what time frame they were active. What is their

current involvement in mountain biking? Include the nominee’s current address (snail, e-mail or both) and phone number so the musuem can obtain complete biographical information about the candidate.

The six nomination categories are: Advocacy, Industry, Journalism, Pioneers, Promotion, and Racing History. The Hall of Fame asks that a nominee have a history of 10 plus years as an active mountain biker.

Advocacy: Hard working individuals who have fought for land access, mountain bike friendly trail policies and responsible rider ethics. [BikeBiz Nomination: Dafydd Davies]

Industry: Advancement and development of the mountain bike through technology. [BikeBiz Nomination: Jon Whyte, Alan Weatherill]

Journalism: Individuals who contributed to the exposure of mountain biking to the public through the media. [BikeBiz Nominations: Richard Ballantine, Tym Manley]

Pioneers: People involved from the grass roots inception of the sport. [BikeBiz Nominations: Geoff Apps]

Promotion: Promoters are individuals who encouraged mass involvement in mountain biking via events, races and organizations. [BikeBiz Nomination: Patrick Adams]

Racing History: Competitors who consistently, year after year, dominated the podium and left an impression in the public eye. [BikeBiz Nomination: Jason McRoy, Steve Peat]

Deadline for nominations is April 15th 2003.

There are currently 83 individuals – and three groups – in the Hall of Fame.


Charlie Kelly

Jacquie Phelan

Charlie Cunningham

Joe Murray

Tom Ritchey

Gary Fisher

Joe Breeze

Mike Sinyard

Steve Cook



Erik Koski

Wende Cragg

Victor Vincente

Steve Potts

Jeff Lindsey

Don Cook


Tom Hillard

Cindy Whitehead

Chris Chance

Glen O’Dell

Ned Overend

Scot Nicol


Craig and Gary Cook

Ross Schafer

John Tomac

Carole Bauer-Romanik

Al Farrell

Mike Rust

Chuck Bodfish Elliot


Mark Slate

Gary Klein

Ed Zink

Fred Wolf

Tom Mayer

Sara Ballantyne


Otis Guy

Jimmy Deaton

Julie Furtado

Gary Helfrich

Alan Armstrong

Don Douglass

Charlie Litsky


Keith Bontrager

Douglas Bradbury


Ignaz & Frank Schwinn


Richard Cunningham

Zapata Espinosa

Kay Peterson-Cook

Junzo Kawai

Steve Ready


Marilyn Price

Kent Eriksen

Greg Herbold

The Cupertino Riders


Susan DeMattei

Mert Lawwill

John Parker


Jim Hasenauer

Max Jones

Dean Crandall

1999-European Induction

Thomas Frischeknect

Tim Gould

Mountain Bike Club Discovery

Paola Pezzo

Hans Rey

Regina Stiefl

Velo Cross Club Parisien, VCCP


Lind DuPriest

Keizo Shimano

John Stamstad

Steve Tilford

Dave Wiens


Tim Blumenthal

Steve Boehmke

Denise Caramagno

Tinker Juarez

Richard Long


Jacob Heilbron

Mike Kloser

Laird Knight

Michael Kelley

Brian Skinner

Elaine and Maurice Tierney

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