Police stop cyclist for not wearing "appropriate gear" for riding a road bike.

No Lycra? You’re nicked, son

Tim Burton, a Bath cyclist, was this morning pulled over by a police constable for not wearing "appropriate gear" for riding a road bike. The PC was concerned Burton might have been a bike thief. Burton was riding a fixed wheel bicycle.

"Just got stopped by the police for ‘not wearing Lycra’ but being on a road bike," tweeted Burton.

"The PC said I wasn’t dressed in appropriate gear to be riding my bike so had I stolen it?"

Burton added: "I was clipped in. No scruffy trainers but clean(ish) SPD shoes. Maybe I didn’t look hipster enough? Apparently there have been some shed break-ins locally. The bike looks too good for me to own, obviously!"

The PC did a background check on the bicycle’s frame number, and on Burton, before letting him go.

Burton was philosophical about the request to stop: "It is nice to see them looking out for pinched bikes, I told [the PC] I appreciated it."

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