Flagship Pro-3000 jumps from last year's 1,400

Niterider doubles lumen output for 2012

The lumen output across NiteRider’s lighting systems for 2012 have more than doubled.

The 2012 flagship light – the Pro-3000 – pumps out 3,000 lumens, more than doubling its Pro 1400 predecessor from last year. Its closest rival in the range is the Pro 1500 which has also more than doubled the lumen output of the 2011 model, the Pro 700. The top level MiNewt cordless light has gone from 250 lumens to 600 lumens for 2012 and the CherryBomb taillight has doubled from 1/2 watt to 1 watt, boosting rider visibility even in daylight, Niterider said.

The firm added that it is stringent in measuring lumen output. Instead of quoting LED manufacturer specifications, NiteRider said it meticulously tests its systems in integrating spheres and then publishing the average score, keeping lumens quoted as measured, rather than theoretical.

NiteRider has provided a film of its 2012 light range providing 360 degree perspective of the new products.

Niterider is available to the trade via 2pure.

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