City Council passes bill bringing improved bike facilities to commercial buildings

New York boosts bike credentials

Earlier this week New York City Council approved a measure that will force workplaces to provide better bike facilities, according to the New York Times.

The passing of the bill follows years of campaigning, and tackles one of the primary obstacles to cycling in New York – a lack of parking facilities for commuters. Cyclists will now be able to use freight elevators for carrying bicycles, although the new law does not require commercial buildings to add bike parking spaces.

Despite some reservations, many are seeing the bill as an important step to making New York more cycle-friendly.

Brooklyn Democrat David Yassky, who introduced the bill in 2004, said: “It’s a start. Rarely do you solve a problem completely on the first try. I believe that my original bill, which was not limited to freight elevators, is the best policy, but the legislative process involves compromises and we had to make compromises to get it passed.

“But I’m very happy with the bill we’ve got now. It solves the bulk of the problems preventing people from biking to work.”

New York cycling was also boosted recently with the completion of 200 miles of bike-only cycle lanes.

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