Suppliers, do you represent brands that have websites? Email us their details for a new section in the forthcoming BikeBizBible. Oh, and should you want your listings to jump from the page, we have some great ways of doing just that

New website section in B3

As well as listing your contact details and email address and main corporate website for free we shall also be adding a new section in B3, this will list brand websites. This listing will also be free but the text will be diddy. For just £22 each well make your brand websites stand out from the rest in bigger, bolder text.

And for £48 well print a one-column screen shot of your brand site with the URL (ie in bold underneath.

Naturally, the website listing will also include your main website so even if you dont want to promote your brand websites (they may be consumer facing only) it would boost awareness of your main site if you commissioned us to include a corporate site screen shot.

Please send us ASAP the URLs of your brand websites (well probably already have your corporate website details) and email, or call Al on 0191 285 4408, if you want to maximise your inclusion. Remember, its bonkers cheap: just £22 to make the URL jump out and £48 for a screen shot.

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