Sorted Cycles of London is importing hand-built steel exotica from Chris Kelly and Vicious Cycles, and selling them consumer-direct via the web.

New UK importer focusses on niche US bike builders

Sara George and Duncan Moore formed Sorted Cycles to import the kind of US 29ers, singlespeeds and cyclo-cross bikes that "no one stocks and no one imports", the sort of bikes consumers previously had to import as on-offs by themselves.

Sorted promises to take away the hassles of "import duty, customs clearance, warranty worries and all manner of other issues."

Established in 1994, Vicious Cycles, the New York state based frame builders produce such frames such as the disc ready road bike, the Electric Warrior.

Every frame is hand-built and finished allowing a range of options – including such useful additions as a bottle opener.

The range comprises a mountain bike, a woman’s specific mountain bike, a 29" mountain bike, a single speed, two road bikes, a cyclo-cross bike and a tandem.

Vicious Cycles frames start at £750 for the triple-butted Ritchey WCS OS tubed Metal Guru.

Carl Schlemowitz, owner of Vicious Cycles, said:

"Cycling is one of the simplest pleasures life has to offer. My objective is to build bicycles that ignite the spark which turns riding from a habit into an obsession. I have instilled a passion for excellence in all of my products. The thrill of riding through the woods with finesse and speed goes into every weld. The way my frames handle is a direct reflection of what is inside, from design, to materials, to exacting craftsmanship."

Kelly Bike Co. frames start at £735 for the deluxe, hand-crafted from Ox Platinum tubing.

Don’t click into the Sorted Cycles website if you are offended by f-words.

Tel 020 8659 3217

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