The Flatfree Toobz from South African Jens Sunde has been joined by the Kairfree tube from Kairfree Ltd of Nottingham

New solid inner tube is launched

Of course, the Kairfree tube isnt solid as such, its made from a depressable polymer-type material that mimics the bounce of pneumatic inner tubes but, being air-free, cannot puncture.

The carefree, air-free tube range will be officially launched in April although a small amount of product has been available since last year. Sprint CPA Ltd. of Leamington Spa has been selling the tubes and they have also been on trial with a number of cycle hire fleets, including the fleet at Center Parcs near Nottingham.

The Kairfree press release says the inner tube is made using a secret formula derived from a petro-chemical byproduct and is a robust non-pliable lightweight hoop that can be fitted to any tyre size.

This isnt quite true. Each individual tyre size has to have its own size of Kairfree tube, just like the Flatfree Toobz range.

However, Kairfree Ltd have also developed Kairfree tyre liners which can still provide up to 95 percent puncture-free qualities.

Either way, states the press release, the two new products have surely to be the biggest re-invention of the wheel since the pneumatic tyre was introduced around 150 years ago.

[Historical note: John Boyd Dunlop patented his pneumatic tyre on July 23rd 1888 ie 113 years ago. Mind you, those pedelling pedants amongst you might be minded to point out that a Mr Thompson produced an air-filled tyre some 43 years earlier, although this was for carriages not bicycles and was never developed.]

One of the Kairfree directors is Bill Brady, owner of two Nottingham bike shops, Cycle Inn of Lenton and framebuilding shop Sid Standard Cycles of Beeston.

Sprint CPA Ltd. will have some Kairfree tubes on its stand at the Cycle and Leisure Show.

Tel: 0115 922 0555

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