Sport specific socks are nothing new but the latest range from X-Socks boasts enough tech features to make them reassuringly expensive...

New sexy tech socks to stock

The premise behind X-Socks is that the physical demands of different sports place different demands on the foot and therefore one sock will not fit all! The 2003 X-Socks range offers product for walking, trekking, ski-ing and snowboarding and mountain biking with socks for each sport boasting different features and benefits.

Technology includes instep, toe and tip-toe protectors; achilles tendon support; ‘X-cross bandage’ for ankle support and side impact protectors.

X-Socks use anatomically shaped foot beds specially designed for both the left and right foot.

Proprietary ‘Silverfoot’ treatment provides moisture and odour control and the sock-in-a-sock system reduces friction around the foot.

Any other features to turn customers on with? Yep. X-Socks are made with temperature regulating fabrics and feature an ‘Air Conditioning Channel’ for cooling where necessary.

In the outdoor trade, X-Socks have been available from Ardblair Sports Importers since 2001 but the 2003 range is the most tech yet.

The new socks cost £8.99 at retail and will be available in April

Tel: 01250 873863


MTB socks are available from Zyro.

Tel: 01423 325325


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