Seen the light? BikeBiz dons a dazzlingly bright jacket, reads the Bible and gets a new Halo…


LED jacket
Reynolds Digital
01543 404632

Sported by BikeBiz’s own Mark Sutton, we can confirm that the Reynolds Digital LED jacket is incredibly noticeable. If your customers are afraid that motorists may miss them in a standard jacket, then get them to try this out. Even keen cyclist Tory MP David Cameron is said to sport it.

It features removable arms, zip-up front, mesh back panel for optimal airflow plus red LEDs down the rear and white down the chest. Three flash settings are available and controlled by a small, internal battery pack. Sewn in stretchy panels to ensure a snug fit, it’s priced just shy of £50.

Orchid and Lotek shoes
0845 310 3670

April saw the arrival of the new ’09 shoe ranges from Orchid and Lotek. These two companies both design shoes purely for BMX use and have two of the strongest sponsored teams in the industry testing each shoe from destruction to perfection. Both ranges are keenly priced starting at £34.99 and offer two of the most famous signature shoes in BMX, the Vandever (Orchid) and Nightwolf (Lotek). These have consistently been Seventies best sellers and both ranges have been expanded to offer a choice of over 11 models. Each brand also has a selection of complementing soft goods.

Halo Aerotrack rims
01223 213800

Halo has leaked pictures of its next track rims, dubbed the ‘Aerotrack’. The 27mm deep section rim (which is deeper than existing Aerorage rims) has no braking surface and will be available in green, red, purple, blue, silver, white, black, gold, pink and yellow.

Ison’s marketing manager Matt Andrews said: “These rims should be available at Ison within the next two to three months and will cost £29.99 retail price.”

The rims will also come as part of complete builds in black, white, yellow, purple and silver.

The Cyclist’s Training Bible
01455 611185

Internationally recognised cycling coach Joe Friel has updated The Cyclist’s Training Bible, the best-selling and highly-comprehensive training book for serious cyclists. This fourth edition has new sections on the latest cycling training including updates to body composition and nutrition. All the charts, tables, and illustrations are now in a two-colour format, so are even easier to understand. Using Friel’s methodology, cyclists create a full, self-coached training plan that’s shaped around their personal goals. The book is available direct from at £17.95 at retail. For more visit

American Classic wheels and Casco Helmets
01332 774796

Having only just launched, new distributor Eurobike has made a bold start announcing four brands, many of which are returning to the UK after a period of absence. American Classic and Casco are two such returning brands, with the later available now, while the first batch of American Classic wheels arrives this month.

The advanced patented technology in the rims, hubs and wheel sets is unique in design and the 420 aero wheelset is the best-selling in the range with a responsive, smooth and lightweight 34mm deep aerodynamic profile. The 420 rim claims to be the lightest deep-section aluminium clincher rim in the world, based on special technology designed by Bill Shook. Now with an improved braking surface, the ride has great accelerating and slowing properties. The rims and blades are tough enough for ‘cross and the deep profile sheds clingy mud.

Casco’s Diamor Mountain helmet utilises the brand’s ‘Monocoque Plus’ system and unique Frameworx internal reinforced frame for increased strength and safety in a lightweight shell, while the Diamor combines sporty design with efficient 26-vent Casco Fresh Air ventilation system. An easy adjust soft-touch dial fit system is also fitted for comfort and performance, and retail price is expected to be £79.99. Eurobike will also carry Proflex bicycles and Moda – a UK-built premium bike brand –due in September. For more visit

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