'Electroluminescent' light clips on to bags or trousers with carabiner and has 60 hour battery life

New Products: Proviz ‘Flare’

Proviz has thrown its weight behind a ‘five-times’ overfunded kickstarter product called the Flare. 

Boasting a 60-hour battery life and visibility from all angles, the light attaches via a carabiner clip to bags or belt loops. Buyers can choose from three colours – blue, red and green.

Co-Founder, Anthony Langly-Smith, says,’ After the amazing success of the Triviz Electroluminescent Lighting device, which together with the Nightrider range is now distributed in 25 countries, we wanted to bring out a more versatile product that could work well in other sports as well as cycling. The Flare has spent two years in the making and we are really pleased with the end result and already have interest in it globally.’

The brand has recently won an international product innovation award for the Triviz and this has grown 300 per cent year-on-year.

The business is also helping to bring in new innovative products to the market under its ‘Proviz Recommended’ section on its website. These are hand-picked products chosen, tried and tested by a panel of 12 experts from a range of backgrounds, including the President of the Great Britain Cycling Association and a Professional Triathlete.

Langly-Smith added: "The panel looks at new and well known products and decides which ones should be sold on the website, taking into consideration innovation, cost and quality. So, instead of people looking at a website and seeing 100 bike lights which all seem to do the same, we make the process a lot simpler. We are launching a brand called ‘Gotham’ who designed the first anti-theft bike light for the cycling market. It is a Kickstarter product, that was five times over-funded and is selling in huge numbers in the USA and they approached Proviz to launch it in the UK with the platform we have. We love helping new innovative brands sell their products, as well as selling well known complimentary brands such as Trelock and Knog."


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