BikeBiz talks to JVC's Neil Stewart about the second generation Adixxion helmetcam

New Product: JVC’s Adixxion GC-XA2

The helmet camera market is evolving fast, as are the skills of those throwing them over cliff faces on downhill bikes and snowboards, among other things. Mark Sutton quizzes JVC’s Neil Stewart about how JVC has adapted its product to survive and thrive in the extreme sports world…

JVC has a new camera on the market – the Adixxion GC-XA2 – what about this unit is suited to cycling in its various forms?
Following on from the success of the GC-XA1 Adixxion Camera, JVC are proud to introduce the latest addition, the GC-XA2.
The new build offers Quad-Proof Design, so it’s ready for action right out of the box, no external housing required. It’s Waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof and shockproof without a housing, so ready to roll out of the box.
Furthermore, it’s the same size as the GC-XA1, but loaded with extra features. We think it’s suited to cycling due to the accessories available, for example a Goggle Mount where the camera cleverly fixes to the strap of the goggles, universal helmet mount and of course the traditional handlebar mount.

What are the tech specs of frame rate, resolution and on the lens?
The new GC-XA2 has Full 1080 HD recording at 50P, which means a Full HD progressive recording. That, coupled with an eight Megapixel back illuminated CMOS sensor, means the Picture quality and recordings are going to be crystal clear every time. The new F2.4 Lens means wide angles can be achieved in even the highest resolutions.

Any add on bits for sale such as cases, remotes, or helmet mounts?
The great thing about the Adixxion camera range is that you don’t need any outer casing to make it waterproof, it’s “Action Ready” straight out of the Box. Also the WiFi is built-in on the Adixxion cameras, which means IOS or Andriod devices can control the camera remotely.
There are many accessories available and of course both cameras come with the accessories needed to get you recording your action straight away. The Adixxion cameras use a standard tripod hole for mounting, which means third party accessories can also be used, you’re not restricted to JVC accessories.
JVC are also launching the new chest harness alongside the GC-XA2, available in August and this chest harness will also be compatible with the GC-XA1.

Cameras used for extreme sports have to be built tough – what’s yours made from?
JVC uses a combination of light, but tough materials, it has to be rugged and tough due to the extreme conditions cyclists will put them through. With no casing, the camera is only 126 grams, but the materials used allow the Adixxion to be waterproof to 5M, freezeproof to -10, shockproof to 2M and dustproof. These are all tested and certified including IPX standards, reassuring the user that no matter what the conditions are, the Adixxion will keep recording.

Can you tell us about the playback options both on and off the camera’s screen?
The Adixxion cameras have a Full Colour TFT Screen. This means you can set the camera up and check your angles to make sure you are getting the best shot, but the screen also allows you to playback the footage straight away, so you can see exactly what you’ve just recorded.
TFT LCDs don’t add any more strain on the battery, and the new GC-XA2 has an auto screen off feature to boost battery life. Adixxion cameras have Mini HDMI out from the camera, to plug straight into to HD TV and see your action in the best quality possible.

What sort of response have you had from consumer’s trialling the product to date?
The response has been great from the consumers on the GC-XA1. You only have to go on YouTube and see the videos being uploaded to see how great the Adixxion stacks up against the competition.
We also have it in the hands of some great extreme sports athletes all over the world and their videos again are testament to really how good it is.

Do you have any further ambitions for the extreme sports market?
JVC have been making video cameras for over 30 years, and invented the VHS video recorder, so we have a great history in video recording. The first two Adixxion Cameras are just the start of JVC entering the extreme sports market and will continue to plan future development.

Tell us about the built in social networking on the Adixxion:
The Adixxion cameras have WiFi built in, so it’s very easy to get your footage uploaded onto Facebook, Youtube and other social networking sites. By directly linking your smartphone to the camera, you can transfer the files and then upload without the need for a computer.
The cameras also have the UStream Channel built into them. If you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot, or even if you are tethering your phone as a Hotspot you can send the camera’s feed live to your UStream Channel and anyone, anywhere can see what your doing.
A great feature for the GC-XA2 for 2013 is the JVC Adixxion Sync App, this allows you to not only connect your Adixxion camera to an IOS/ Android device and control it remotely, but will also allow you to connect up to four Adixxion cameras at one time for four different views via split screen on your device.

How can interested bicycle dealers take stock of JVC product?
We have in place JVC distributors that can supply the Adixxion Cameras, and if your readers wish to contact me directly and I will make sure they get the service they need to be able to supply the consumers. My details are in the BikeBiz JVC Adixxion Advert, and we also have demo stands and other POS available.
JVC are currently in talks with various cycling distributors, and are looking to set up a specialist cycling distributor to look after all your readers in the very near future.

You’re behind the BikeBiz Awards this year – will you be showing your kit to the trade pre/post awards?
We are very proud to be part of the BikeBiz Awards for 2013, JVC are very new to the cycling industry, but I’m still racing BMX bikes at a national level, so I do know a lot of people in the industry already. What I am looking forward to is meeting new people and we will have our products setup to show at the awards.
We are also hoping to be exhibiting at the Cycle Show post awards, so hopefully will catch up with a lot of BikeBiz readers there too. 0208 208 7579

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