In an emotive argument used often for cycle helmet compulsion, Senator Andre Martel said: "If the Legislature can save just one life with this, it will be worth it." Lid law opponents say that such an argument could be equally applied to compulsory helmets for child soccer players, pedestrians, and children ferried around in cars, all activities that have seen child fatalities caused through head injuries.

New Hampshire Senate passes child helmet law

The Union Leader newspaper reports that the New Hampshire Senate voted 16-8 in favour of the law requiring all

bicycle riders younger than 16 to wear helmets.

Governor John Lynch said he will sign the bill, which the House passed, 202-165, in March.

Supporting the bill, Senator Robert Flanders said if cycle helmet compulsion spares one child, one family, the anguish of dealing with severe brain injury, "it will be the most important vote I cast in this Senate."

Senator David Gottesman said estimates are that medical costs run to $4.5m for a child who suffers a serious brain injury. Proponents of the bill did not extend this statistic to head injuries caused by means other than bicycle accidents.

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