Every second Wednesday you'll be greeted by a pop-up box when you enter the site. This is promoting the fortnightly completion of our online business confidence monitor. And check out the new 'translate' feature: we dare you NOT to see what this site looks like in Chinese...

New features added to BikeBiz site

The BikeBizBarometer is now chugging along nicely with a whole bunch of IBDs from around the UK mousing us their up-to-the-minute business confidence ratings. See the latest results here:


Business confidence and year-on-year turnover is on an upward trajectory.

And now that the IBD barometer is proving its worth we’ll soon be making a call for suppliers to join in the fun. Supplier confidence will be tracked next to IBD confidence. Will the plots parallel each other? Only time will tell.

A select bunch of suppliers will be emailed and invited to become barometer panelists.


Some good news for the growing number of foreign language visitors to this site is the addition of an instant site translation service, cleverly coded for us by Paul Rundle, our freelance webmaster (available for weddings, bar mitvahs etc).

The ‘translate’ box can be found to the upper left of this sentence. It takes a few seconds for the whole page to be translated but it’s worth the wait, especially to see the site in bonkers scripts such as Chinese and Japanese.

If you know of any non-English speakers who would now benefit from daily (translated) visits to this site, feel free to email them with the news!

French Canadians, for instance, can now choose to read the site en français. No doubt the BabelFish translation is less than perfect but the swift translation will at least give foreign language readers the general gist of what’s on the site.

In other news...

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