EBC, Storck Raddar, Hero Eco and Wisper look to promote e-bike market

New electric bike trade group, E4, forms

A new trade group, dubbed e4 (made up of EBC, Storck Raddar, Hero Eco and Wisper) has formed to promote the electric bike market.

Initially, E4’s focus will be targeted towards the trade, with plans for regional trade demo days, marketing support and the idea of greater cooperation for the major UK consumer shows.

Commenting on the group Ian Hughes of Storck-Raddar said: “The potential of the e-bike sector in the UK seems to be the subject of much industry debate. We look at the phenomenal growth in countries like Germany and the Netherlands and think, is this the way the UK market will go? E4 thinks yes, but there is some work to be done to get there. With four of the UK’s major e-bike distributors coming together we expect to make a significant impact in developing the sector far quicker than we would as single companies.”

Each of the four companies has a range of ebikes that complement each other with little overlap when it comes to pricing, style and spec and E4 will work to promote all the group’s brands as well as the sector in general.

David Miall of Wisper added: “E4 has been in the making for several months now and I have to say, all the meetings have been some of the most positive I have attended. It really feels that we are all working together towards a common purpose, to promote ebikes. Combined, we have decades of experience and there is a feeling that E4 will make a real difference to the sector.”

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