CTC has launched a government-funded guide on how to set up and run cycle training schemes for adults and teenagers

New-bums-on-saddles scheme created by CTC

The official launch was at the CTC’s Cycle Training and Education Conference held in London on Monday.

Over 200 delegates representing local authorities, cycling organisations, health schemes, youth groups and charities heard how the many adults who cannot ride a bike or have lost confidence on today’s roads can be encouraged to make cycling trips, while teenagers can pick up essential skills that will make them safe adult road users.

David Jamieson, the Minister for Road Safety, welcomed the CTC’s scheme:

"Cycle training plays a key role in enhancing road safety, encouraging adults back to cycling and making our young people cycle conscious from an early age. We hope that this

guidance will result in more teenagers and adults cycling and doing so in a more confident and safer manner."

Although cycle training for children has a large amount of support materials there has been less for adults and teenagers. By funding this CTC project the Department for Transport hopes to redress the balance.

The scheme is the result of a project funded by a joint grant of £76 000 from the Department for Transport and the Department of Health, given to CTC in June 2001.

The project developed a cycle training scheme by identifying the best existing schemes across the country, producing a model scheme and testing it at pilot sites in Bristol, London, Herefordshire and Surrey.

CTC director Kevin Mayne said:

"The new scheme is one of the most comprehensive guides to cycle training produced in the UK. Its quality reflects a huge contribution from all our partners who have identified the best sources of materials and ideas for anyone wanting to teach adults how to include cycling in their lifestyle. It can include riding with the family, getting fitter, low cost commuting or longer rides such as a holiday."

The conference agenda also includes sessions on child cyclist training, training instructors, and funding new projects.

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