CES sees a new potential bike theft buster

New anti bicycle theft tech is hidden in pedals

Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show has seen the launch of new technology in the fight against bicycle theft.

French start up Connected Cycle have produced ‘the first connected pedal’. The pedal collects data daily, including the speed, route, incline and calories on each bike trip. The stats are beamed to the Cloud via its own internet connection.

The pedal also alerts the bike owner when the bike is moved and locates it via GPS.

With applications for single users and also for those operating bike share fleets, the pedals can be easily integrated with existing IT systems, the firm claims.

"The pedal is self governing and works anywhere in the world, generating its own energy, and using its own Internet connection. There is no need to charge a battery or carry your smartphone during trips.

"Installation takes less than 2 minutes and doesn’t require mechanical skills, however the pedal can only be removed using the owner`s specially coded key. The pedal is elegantly designed with a aluminium casing."

If you’re passing through at CES you can see them in person at Tech West – Sands Expo – Level 2 – Eureka Park – stand 75669 (France Pavillion). According to a report on the BBC, you may see the pedals appearing on a crowd funding platform soon. 

CES also saw Volvo and POC team up for a cycle safety project (see Volvo and POC to unveil cyclist proximity tech at CES).


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