New 2017 Haibike range to be displayed at the Cycle Show NEC

Haibike has teamed up with The Cycle Show NEC in a bid to offer riders the chance to experience eMTB over a large, purpose-built indoor course.

The Cycle Show has provided Haibike with a 50 x 45-metre course consisting of dirt and shoretrax to offer ideal terrain for testing Haibike’s Xduro and Sduro.

For 2017, Haibike will present their biggest range ever, with 40 models coming to UK dealers, split between 23 Xduro (Bosch) and 17 Sduro (Yamaha) models. 

This coming year, Haibike are taking Sduro to the next level. With completely revised geometry to make the Yamaha-equipped bikes more aggressive, alongside the all-new PW-X motor system, the Sduro now rivals the Xduro in terms of pro performance.

Riders can enjoy the following 2017 demo range:

  • Xduro DwnHll 9.0 – 200mm travel DH bike with Bosch CX motor, FOX 40, Mavic DeeMax
  • Xduro HardSeven Carbon 9.0 – Superlight full Carbon Bosch CX
  • Sduro HardNine 4.0 – Entry Level Yamaha PW equipped hardtail
  • Sduro Nduro 8.0 – Yamaha’s NEW PW-X motor system 320% assistance!, 180mm travel

Also available are a selection of the best-loved models from 2016:

  • Sduro ALL MTN PRO
  • Sduro ALL MTN PLUS
  • Xduro FATSIX
  • Xduro ALL MTN RX
  • Sduro Nduro PRO

Riders are free to turn up without booking.

For more information, please call Haibike Marketing on 01773 532651.

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