BA president Phillip Darnton was interviewed by Radio Five Live on Friday. He called for government departments to spend £70m on funding Cycle England, the organisation that has replaced the National Cycling Strategy Board, which ceased to exist on 31st January. BBC websites and The Independent have followed up on the radio interview, claiming the Cycle England chairman is 'at war' with the Department for Transport. The BBC reports are confused: on the news site there's a quote from 'Philip Darlton', on the Newsround site there's the same quote from Neville Darlton...

‘Neville/Philip Darlton’ at war with DfT?

Here’s the first BBC report:…/4240291.stm

Here’s the Newsround report:…/4240991.stm

There’s a fuller report in today’s The Independent. Phillip Darnton is Phillip Darnton:…/story.jsp?story=608414

The BBC sites were informed of the mistakes on Saturday.

For background info on the £70m being requested see the earlier stories on the topic, below.

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