Electronic point of sale gets more sophisticated each year. BikeBiz looks at some of the options for bike retailers

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Cybertill’s key offering for the cycle market is a web-based EPoS accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
This delivers many advantages over traditional cycle EPoS systems, including real-time access to sales data from any location and seamlessly integrating EPoS and ecommerce so stores only sell what they stock. All software updates are free, too.

The firm’s EPoS has a host of ‘modules’ designed specifically for cycle retailers including workshop module for repairs, services and builds, images and detailed technical descriptions at point-of-sale, as well as sales transactions recorded against customer accounts.

Adding a point-of-sale unit is as simple as plugging an internet cable into the till. For multiples, adding new stores is just as straightforward. All points of sale point to the same stock and client databases, so all records are visible from any location. And, when retailers want to sell online or through mail order, Cybertill can easily add these functionalities. It is flexible enough to link to an existing e-commerce site, or Cybertill have the capability to build new sites.
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Barclays Business Systems
Evopos is a piece of software that is evolving with its customers. With the launch of version 2.02, the firm has added 1,700 improvements on the prior model and all of these are delivered free of charge to existing subscribers. What’s more, the latest Microsoft and Crystal Report technology is now part of the package, resulting in more power, faster load speeds and greater reliability.

Bundled within the 2.02 software, a free-of-charge customer relationship manager module boosts the package’s value for money credentials – most firms charge for such modules.

This CRM package enables the store to manage and track sales prospects, collectively and by salesperson, send unlimited emails and newsletters at no cost, record customer communication and automatically send SMS messages as and when a job is ready, or parts in stock.

The accounts system within 2.02 has undergone a revamp too, with the addition of a new Debtors control function, enabling stores to track who owes money. The home screen of the accounts module shows all important information at a glance and the quick reports feature assists in making sense of the figures with ease.

Evopos has its own web browser too, meaning the employer is in full control of web sites accessed, favourites and more.
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Smaller retailers were recently given a boost from when dealing with HTEC, much thanks to the ‘GemPoints’ loyalty system.
GemPoints is a simple to operate, low-cost loyalty solution with secure smartcard technology that allows retailers to operate a comprehensive loyalty scheme; issuing and redeeming points in the same way large High Street loyalty schemes are run.
Jeff Dakin, head of data services at HTEC tells BikeBiz: “Small to medium-sized retailers have always argued that the costs, complexity and security are reasons for not using technology-based loyalty schemes. GemPoints was created to address these concerns using a simplified approach that dispenses with the need for any back office infrastructure such as IT communications. GemPoints is powered from a standard power socket and is completely self-contained allowing shop owners to operate their entire loyalty scheme.”

GemPoints is a modular system that grows with the retailer. Options can be added to interface to any till or back office solution and software can be upgraded. GemPoints will be the first of the Gem Series payment and loyalty solutions, which will launch throughout 2011.
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As Apple’s largest Premium Reseller in the UK, Stormfront also handles LightSpeed, a brand for which its employees have the highest level of training certification possible.

For retailers wanting to maximise their store’s productivity, LightSpeed is a powerful suite of tools that use the latest technologies, including mobile retail and e-commerce, to streamline workflows into one, unified solution. Because it runs on a Mac, incorporating Apple’s popular iPhone and iPod devices, the user experience is both intuitive and smart. And for merchants running either a single store, or a chain with multiple locations, it’s an affordable way to save time, sell more, and get organised.

LightSpeed itself has two sections, a point of sale interface that focuses front counter staff on selling, and a back office overview for administration, reporting, purchasing, and more.

The firm’s software allows managers to track bike repair jobs, record work, order parts, and bill labour with LightSpeed’s SRO module. Cut through the clutter of stock management with LightSpeed’s inventory tools, including virtual warehouses and color-coding that show you a product’s exact whereabouts at a glance.

Furthermore, it’s simple to instantly compile a customer’s backorders history and your own stock orders, or, be notified when products dip to critical levels and need to be re-ordered for suppliers, all automatically.
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Citrus-Lime has seen significant growth in the Cycle industry and has designed its products to address the specific needs of bicycle retailers and workshops.

Andrew Thomas of Citrus-Lime tells BikeBiz: "We remain the only multi-channel retail company which focuses on this vertical and our dedication to this space is reflected by our focus on developing solutions for this market, with a large portion of our profits continuing to fund research and development."

Having recently recruited from the cycle industry, the firm is striving to best understand the issues of the trade, as well as providing responsive customer support that is structured to resolve issues promptly.

Supplier integration has become an incredibly important part of the firm’s software. Now on version two, Citrus-Lime’s system is built around Microsoft’s v2.0, which is an established and versatile multi-site platform designed to minimise administration jobs. Stock management and ecommerce work hand-in-hand with this module.

With the ability to import accurate product data into RMS, run stock and pricing checks throughout your business and display stock availability direct from suppliers, feedback already suggests this to be an invaluable timesaving tool for cycle retailers.
The Citrus-Lime ‘Bike Workshop Module’ is built around a user-friendly drag and drop ‘Outlook’ Style calendar. A workshop can efficiently schedule, track and report on concurrent jobs assigned to multiple technicians for greater control over the scheduling and workload of the workshop staff. Further to this, customer data can be stored, with service schedules easily created to generate repeat custom.
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Ascend’s Bike shop specific EPoS system can be found in 700 shops worldwide, each a Trek dealer, for which the program is tailored. Now in its third year and having surpassed 75 UK outlets, the Ascend team has grown and now has plenty of staff to handle day-to-day support and queries.

Matt Pickersgill, one such assistant from Ascend tells BikeBiz: “Our primary objective is to help our customers improve their businesses and drive them forward. The single biggest reason that Trek dealers partner with us is because we have a vested interest in ensuring they get the very best from their system – their success is our success. That governs our approach to all areas of the business – software, pricing, installation, training, continued support and on-going development. A prime example of this would be the recent release of Ascend Analytics, our new online bike shop specific KPI reporting tool.”

This web-based analytics module is accessible from anywhere with a web connection and includes the ability to compare current performance against both a budget and the prior year, all presented to the user in an easy-to-use user-friendly graphical format. Additional tools include cash flow projection and highly customisable analysis tools.

Supplier integration has also stepped up a notch, with the version two update to Ascend’s software. Linking with ‘all key UK suppliers’, the Ascend system has strong, real-time stock updating abilities.
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