On July 10th former world champion Johan Museeuw will unveil his signature line of bikes at a press conference in Bordeaux on the Tour de France rest day.

Museeuw to launch flax bike line

The top-end bikes will feature components from Pro-lite of Taiwan.

Crankset : Pro-Lite Carbon 130

Handlebar : San Martino Aero Wingbar alloy

Saddle : San Carlo Titanium and carbon

Seatpost : Pellegrino carbon

Stem : Elbrus 6061 – carbon wrapped

Wheels : Gavia CL-wheels, equipped for Shimano. Our own patented hub, 100% hand built with carbon rims

Pro-lite’s Steve Fenton said: "We are over the moon."

Made of carbon and flax, the Johan Museeuw frames are vibration-resistant, said Museeuw.

He has teamed up with Bike-Stock of Belgium to make the bikes. Flax is a flowering plant, the fibres of which have been used in textile production since at least Ancient Egyptian times. The oil of the plant is linseed oil.

Flax fibre is also a key raw material for banknotes and rolling paper for cigarettes.

“The major advantage of this [carbon /flax] bike is that it limits vibration,” said Museeuw.

“A 100 per cent carbon bike doesn’t absorb the shock and vibration inherent in top level bikes. The less vibration you can deliver – thanks to the combination of carbon with flax – means greater comfort for the rider.

“Flax doesn’t reduce the rigidity nor the solidity of the bike in spite of it being extremely light.”

Museeuw then dropped his bombshell. No, not admitting to doping, but saying carbon could be on the way out:

“It might not be too long before bikes made completely from flax are produced.”

Museeuw’s colourful history can be read about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/…/Johan_Museeuw


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