Museeuw Bikes has signed a five year deal to further develop the company’s natural fibre composites technology

Museeuw signs R&D deal with University of Ghent

The R&D agreement is with the University of Ghent’s Faculty of Engineering, a pioneer in composite and natural fibre technology.

Under the project management of Professors Degrieck and Kirchens the faculty will undertake an exclusive development plan to explore the opportunities of using natural fibres combined with the use of injected resins in bicycle manufacture.

"This is a wonderful new horizon for us at Musseuw Bikes," said Fangio Reybrouck, international sales and marketing director of Museeuw Bikes.

"The University of Ghent has a reputation that is second to none in the field and it’s an honour that they think our vision is exciting and want to work with us for the next five years."

Museeuw Bikes has an all new 20/80 flax/carbon machine dubbed the MC7 and due at the end of June.

"The success of the MF range has been outstanding and the new MC7 machines are going to bring the benefits of flax composite technology to many more people," said Reybrouck.

“We’ve designed the bikes to use the shock damping qualities of flax in crucial areas of the bike at a new, competitive price point for the customer."

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