BikeBiz cornered the cycling designer at Eurobike and uncovered a treasure trove of fresh design ideas

Muff reveals treasure trove of innovation at Eurobike

Following yesterday’s game of Where’s Wally, today we’ve another image for you to look very closely at, this time courtesy of cycling designer and ex World Championship racer Andy Muff.

Having teased the below adapter system pre-Eurobike that will allow electric bike OEM’s to vastly reduce their frame choice headaches, we met with Muff to find out what other projects he has cooking and which have slipped quietly under the radar thus far. 

Have a look at the below bike. Looks pretty standard issue, right? There’s clearly something going on at the headtube. And that downtube’s perhaps hiding something?

There’s actually four separate designs of Muff’s on this bike that we can spot. These range from a discreet shock absorber in the seat post, to the kind of cockpit adjustability you would find on some typical bike fit rigs.

Starting with that thick downtube, Muff’s ISA Integrated Battery system is a disguise that e-bike OEMs can apply to cover their batteries. Look very closely, the joins are just visible in an otherwise very clean looking frame (by e-bike standards).

Next up, the ISA comfort seat post is an elastomer clad post that will move with the rider as they apply pressure to the nose of the saddle. Hard, medium and soft elastomers are available to sit within.

But you’d never know…

There’s more on the seatpost front too. The ISA Length adjustable seat post will offer the rider a far extended fore and aft adjustment, thanks to a rotatable clamp – perfect for those that like to change their riding position regularly. 

An alternative take on fore and aft post adjustment was debuted by RedShift Sports at last year’s Interbike. 

Moving to the cockpit and fore and aft adjustment is even more important. With that in mind, Muff has designed in two soluitions – one at the headtube and another for the stem.

The Integrated Size Adjust stem has been in use for around four years in the pro peleton and offers four positions, each delivered via a series of reversible locked in 5mm shims. With this system, the rider effectively has 20mm of fore and aft adjustment to play with.

Finally, that headtube’s hidden secret. The ISA Length Adjustable Headtube is a four in one design that will move your fork’s steerer in 5mm increments backwards or forwards. The ovalised headtube accomodates a pair of shims (pictured below) that determine the position of the cockpit.

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