Mud Dock of Bristol is a high-profile, stunningly-designed IBD attached to a similarly high-profile, trendy cafe. Yesterday, the sister branch in Exeter was closed, leading to fevered speculation that Mud Dock Bristol could also close. Co-owner Jerry Arron is quick to scotch such rumours and has responded to Mud Dock's critics on the bulletin board.

Mud Dock Exeter closed; new location sought

"Inevitably there is a rush to make spurious and ignorant assumptions about Mud Dock Exeter ‘closing’- whilst using the opportunity to indulge in a little personal sniping at the same time," writes Arron.

"For the record the facts are as follows: Whilst the Exeter branch of MD Cycleworks has traded adequately, the Cafe never did, and was therefore sold some eighteen months ago. The core concept for Mud Dock has always been BOTH a food operation AND bicycle retail. Exeter clearly was not meeting this criteria. Meantime, Kennaway Warehouse, the building in which the business has traded, is in the process of being sold and as a result the opportunity to relocate became available. We are currently negotiating on two other sites, one of which is in the South West.

"Bristol is not affected in any way, shape or form – other than having a copious amount of stock at the moment! But no harm there – five bikes sold today already!"…/read.php3?f=1&i=20978&t=20978

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