Shame it was the suspended Maximum Mountain Bike...

MTB magazine gets national TV exposure

Last nights Trouble Between the Covers, the fly-on-the-wall documentary following the first year and a half of Cabal Communications, featured Maximum Mountain Bike, the then editor Brant Richards, Cabals in-house ads team and a load of bikes, helmets and other cycling paraphenalia.

Cabal MD Andrew Sutcliffe former editor of Cycling Weekly and founder of Cycle Sport also got his first major speaking part of the series. To date he has been seen, but not heard (much). His first lines consisted of a string of F-words targetted at IPC, his former employers. Sutcliffe used to be a rising star at IPC, much beloved by management, and was being groomed for IPC management stardom before he jumped ship and helped set up Cabal Communications with IPCs doyenne of womens magazines, Sally oSullivan.

Last week in Trouble Between the Covers, Front editor Piers Hernu was seen sporting an MBR t-shirt; this week it was the turn of Cabals PR officer, Jennifer Press, to bring bike logos on-screen. She was seen wearing a Scott fleece vest. Jennifer is a former deputy editor of Cycle Industry, in the days, that is, when the magazine was edited by a journalist who loved cycling rather than a former local newspaper hack who hasnt cycled since his youth.

The programme featured a lingering product placement shot of the 1999 Cyclists Sourcebook, the trade directory founded by the editor of BikeBiz. There was a close-up of the text on the Jo Burt front cover cartoon: it said On Your Bike, the family cycling magazine bought by EMAP from, er, the editor of BikeBiz.

Small world, isnt it?

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