Gary Fisher hails wider society's growing love of bikes, and encourages stockists to be ready

MTB legend urges retailers to take on urban

In an interview with BikeBiz, Gary Fisher – one of the founding fathers of mountain biking – has praised the way the tide of public opinion is moving in favour of urban cycling.

“Things have changed. I have never seen so many happy people in the industry because, at last, wider society is now appreciating what we’ve known about bikes for years. We were right all along!”

Fisher went on to criticise the car use in urban environments: “If you took the value of space by square metre, how much it costs us, how much we have turned our cities over to the automobile, deadly vehicles that spew toxins, you’d be shocked. And driving is the most dangerous thing people do voluntarily each day.”

Fisher also encouraged cycle retailers to be ready to meet the demands of new potential cyclists by stocking urban bikes:

“What’s the easiest thing to do today? Do the same as we did yesterday. That’s dangerous thinking.”

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