To some MPs it seems like an obvious shoe-in: making kids wear cycle helmets has got to be an idea worth supporting. Pro-helmet org BHIT is behind the EDM, which had 82 signatures on 20th November, but following missives from CTC, some MPs are withdrawing their support. But which are sticking to their guns? Here's a list. PLUS: there's tons more useful stuff in the latest CPAG bulletin, click within for the full, unedited text...

MPs retract support from Early Day Motion on obligatory helmet wearing

Here’s the EDM: (note ‘All bicyclists’…!)

EDM 1783




That this House notes that every year in the UK approximately 28,000 children under the age of 16 years receive a serious head injury as a result of a cycling accident and that sadly a number die as a result, whilst for many others their accident will have a devasting impact on their life, in many cases restricting their abilities to develop, learn new skills, make new friends and face the lifelong challenges of the world; recognises that by simply wearing a bicycle helmet 85 per cent. of such head injuries could be prevented; commends the excellent campaign of the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust to get Parliament to introduce legislation to enforce the wearing of helmets by all bicyclists in the UK; and calls upon her Majesty’s Government to give its full support to such a proposal which would both save lives and stop injuries on our roads.…/ref=1783

For lots of background info on ‘Be-Hit’s’ helmet compulsion for all campaign, type BHIT into the search engine on the upper left of this site.

Here’s the MPs to have signed so far:




















































































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Nov 20th, 2003

To all CPAG folk,

CPAG ELECTRONIC MAILING 2003. 27 covering 10/10/03 – 17/11/03.

Please note the new Parliament home page HYPERLINK "" from which you can find your way into the Lords, Commons, Hansard and all the other little corners of our democratic process. If you want more information on any of the subjects covered, please contact me using the reference code after the piece, and/or look up the detail on the web site above or listed in text.

Cyclists. Philip Hammond MP (Con – Runnymede & Weybridge), asked about the number of cyclists prosecuted for not stopping at traffic signals. Paul Goggins MP Home Office minister, replied “There were 38 pedal cyclists proceeded against in England & Wales in 2001 for the offence of neglect of traffic directions (which will include failing to stop at traffic signals)”. (10/11/03 HofC 98-99W).?

Mobile Phones. Responding to PQ’s, David Jamieson MP DfT minister, described the review of relevant research published in 2001 on the use of mobile phones while driving. The minister also described DfT publicity of the new regulations which come into force on 1st December 2003. This includes: National radio & press adverts, emailed information to UK companies and LA’s, variable message signals on motorways, and the availability of promotional posters & leaflets. Up-to-date guidance information is available at: HYPERLINK "…/index.htm" (10/11/03 HofC 16-7W).?

Road Safety. Brian Jenkins MP (Lab – Tamworth), asked about the number of child fatalities and children receiving head injuries as a result of cycling accidents. Dr Ladyman DofH minister, gave the following information: (10/11/03 HofC 17-8W).

Financial year Number of admissions of children under 16 1995–96 2,333 1996–97 2,781 1997–98 3,349 1998–99 2,711 1999–2000 3,115 2000–01 3,489 2001–02 3,372 Due to changes in coding methodology it is only possible to provide the last seven years of data.

Calendar year Deaths from head injuries in cyclists All deaths in cyclists 1993 19 30 1994 27 39 1995 31 43 1996 34 47 1997 25 35 1998 18 29 1999 20 32 2000 14 24 2001 12 19 2002 10 19 Data for 2001 and 2002 may not be directly comparable to those for previous years, due to changes in coding methodology in 2001. The figures should therefore be interpreted with caution.

Amateur Sport. Jane Griffiths MP (APPCG Chair), asked about rate relief for amateur clubs. Richard Caborn MP minister of sport, replied “The Government introduced an amendment to the Local Government Bill in September to provide for mandatory rate relief at 80% for registered community amateur sports clubs. In excess of 500 clubs had successfully applied for registration by 31 October, and a similar number of applications is in the pipeline. I strongly advise all clubs to apply for mandatory relief”. In response to Jane Griffiths MP’s comment about cycling benefiting from rate relief, the minister stated “Cycling has a very good governing body, which is linking in on this matter and into new development in schools”. He also outlined support for amateur sport which includes £60M for club facilities in 16 sports, lottery funds and links between schools and local clubs to be strengthened under the PE, school sport and club links programme. In answer to a subsequent PQ asking about co-operation between Departments to improve participation in sport. The minister said, “We are acting with the DofH through the newly set-up activity co-ordination team to link health, sport and physical activity”. He revealed that 70% of young people do not continue with active sport when they leave school, which compares poorly to most countries. When questioned about the state of the ‘regional sports boards’ the minister discussed new monies to be devolved to the regions. These include: £100M towards multi-sports clubs in the UK, £500M through LEA’s & £130M in sports and arts in the community. (10/11/03 HofC 5-10).

Sports Funding (South-West). Anthony Steen MP(Con – Totnes), asked that it would be better to invest in sports facilities, rather than having to spend so much on rectifying obesity. Richard Caborn MP Minister of sport, replied “Obesity is costing the economy £2 billion. Cases of type 2 diabetes are increasing among our young people, and the projection is that if something is not done about obesity, the economy will have to bear £3.5 billion in related costs by 2010”. This is why £750M is being invested in new sports facilities plus a further £100M which was secured in respect to the Olympic bid. (10/11/03 HofC 10).?

Sports. Richard Caborn MP minister of sport, confirmed that cycling will be given specific ‘One Stop Planning’ support. He also said that criteria used by UK Sport in the selection process included the “potential to deliver medals at the 2008 Olympic & Paralympic games”, and “significance in contributing to wider sports participation targets”. (10/11/03 HofC 68W).

Cyclists. This is one of many PQ’s critical of cyclists, Philip Hammond MP asked about measures being taken to ensure enforcement of road traffic regulations against cyclists. In response, Caroline Flint MP Home Officer minister, stated “Individual chief officers of police are best placed to assess the nature and cause of specific local problems, to determine how most effectively to address them and to decide the best allocation of resources. In response to public concern, we made cycling on the pavement a fixed penalty offence from 1 August 1999. This gave the police a direct and simple way of dealing with cyclists who ride without proper consideration for others. We have now extended the power to issue fixed penalty notices for this offence to police community support officers”. (11/11/03 HofC 236W).

Road Safety. Anne McIntosh MP (Con – Vale of York), asked about plans to make using a hand held mobile phones while driving an endorsable offence. David Jamieson MP DfT minister, replied “As announced in the Dept’s decision letter of 24th June 2003, the Government plans to make the new offence endorsable when a suitable legislative opportunity arises. (12/11/03 HofC 284W).

School Transport Debate, more…. This debate was raised by Alan Hurst MP (Lab – Braintree). Several depressing facts about car usage were stated, such as 20% of cars on the road at 8.45am are taking children to school, and that many of these cars are making journeys of less than 3 miles. In his response, David Miliband MP DE&S minister, also mentioned the recently-launched Government document about school transport. This sets out ways in which walking, cycling and bus use can be extended for school journeys. It also explains that legislation is planned for as soon as possible, to allow LEA’s to trial new approaches to school transport. (12/11/03 HofC 380-391).

Cyclists: Casualties. Lord Dubs (APPCG member), asked about the number of deaths and injuries to cyclists in England & Wales. Lord Davies of Oldham Deputy Chief Whip, gave the last full year figures as:

Pedal cycle casualties, England and Wales: 2002

Country Killed Injured All England 119 15,661 15,780 Wales 3 495 498 Total 122 16,156 16,278

Obesity – again. Responding to a PQ from Alan Simpson MP (Lab – Nottingham South), Tony McNulty DfT minister said that although the DfT has not commissioned specific research on obesity in relations to pedestrians, they are closely involved in the cross-departmental Activity Coordination Team ‘which is developing a strategy to raise levels of activity among both children and adults.’ (17/11/03 HofC 639W).

Cycling deaths. An answer to a PQ confirmed that cycling deaths in Greater London since 1993 and 2002 (the most recent) have varied between 12 and 21. In the last four years there were; 10, 14, 21, and 20 respectively. (17/11/03 HofC 639-40).

EARLY DAY MOTIONS, 2002 – 2003. Provisional list as at 22/10/03.

The Signed column shows current number of signatories, and also the number of members who have signed the amendment/s.

DATE TABLED NO. NAME and first proposer SIGNED COMMENT 27th November 2002 213 Car Crime?Gregory Campbell MP 10 Calls for mandatory life sentences for causing death by dangerous driving, tougher penalties, and adequate resources for communities affected by car theft. 5th February 2003 668 Road Deaths

Mr Denis Murphy MP 131 Notes the max sentence for causing death by dangerous driving is only 10 years. Calls on the Home Sec to amend the Criminal Justice Bill to enable charges of manslaughter. 10th March 2003 862 Safer Streets Coalition (STC)

Helen Jackson MP 111 Welcomes launch of STC bringing together 25 groups concerned about speed and dangerous driving. 14th March 2003 897 Drink Drive Limits

Tom Brake MP 48 Calls on the Govt. to lower the legal blood alcohol level to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. 27th March 2003 981 Speed Cameras

Lindsay Hoyle MP 34 Notes speed camera’s role, but concerned by the use of more obscure ones Calls on Govt to ensure all speed cameras are well signed & highly visible. 14th May 2003 1210 Aggravated death by dangerous driving

Denis Murphy MP 45 Congratulates Govt on plans to increase the sentences for dangerous driving, & welcomes review on this subject. 4th June 2003 1341 4X4 Vehicles

Norman Baker MP 29 Notes increasing number of 4X4s, and that cyclists and pedestrians & others feel intimidated and less safe. 9th June 2003 1365 Congestion Charging

Hilton Dawson MP 37 Congestion charging can play an important part in road safety, pollution & promoting sustainable transport. 15th July 2003 1589 Vehicles use on ancient rights of way

John Mann MP 60 Concerned at loopholes regarding rights of passage for modern wheeled vehicles on a byway, and calls on Govt. to take action to close this loophole. 20th October 2003 1783 Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust

Alan Meale MP 83 That EDM as detailed in the last bulletin. It commends the BHIT campaign to increase helmet wearing and calls for Govt to support mandatory helmet wearing 22nd October 2003 1796 Speed awareness courses and national review of speed limits

Martyn Jones MP 34 Supports call of the Road Policing Chair of ACPO (Mr Brunstrom) for speed awareness courses for offenders, and calls for a long-overdue Govt review of speed limits. Ironic in view of the point on ‘road safety’ on page 2 of bulletin 0326. 22nd October 2003 1802 Insurance car disk

David Crausby MP 58 Calls on Govt to require all car drivers to display a insurance disk as they do for road tax so as to lessen the problems of cars uninsured and involved in road accidents. 18th November 2003 1949 Review of Speed Limits

Mar Lazarowicz MP 9 Wants an urgent review of speed limits, more enforcement and increasing maximum penalties for those speeding.

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