Award winning off-road wheelchair product now on the market.

Mountain Trike lets wheelchair users go off the beaten track

The award-winning Mountain Trike, an off-road wheelchair capable of tackling woodland trails, mucky fields and playground surfaces is now available to order.

Created by mountain biker and engineer Tim Morgan, the wheelchair is largely built of components you’d find on attractively specced mountain bikes, making it serviceable by bike shops.

Propelled by a lever drive system, the user can operate it with just one arm, something particularly beneficial to those who have lost limbs. The British Army Rehab centre in Headley Court, where loss of limbs is sadly common among servicemen, gives it a thumbs up. The Army has had the Trike on long term trial where it has been used everyday by the soldiers who have reportedly enjoyed riding it around the surrounding countryside.

To emphasise how versatile a machine the Mountain Trike is, a user assisted by members of The Backup Trust, recently reached the summit of Mount Snowdon.

Since the trike has come back from production, various magazine’s and trade shows have taken a keen interest, with disability specialist magazine Able rating the trike five stars, while the rig won the Best of Show Award at the Peterborough Mobility Roadshow.

A Trike costs £3,995 at retail, comes with a three year warranty and customers can choose their frame colour. Both left and right hand steering trikes are available.

Below: Anna Simpson

“Finally I’ll be able to take my son out to play in the park and have the independence to push myself”

Anna was diagnosed with MS a year ago, and with her standard wheelchair found it difficult to go to the places she used to enjoy with her family and young son. The Mountain Trike gave her the ability to push herself thanks to the unique lever drive and the direct steering enabled her to navigate the challenging paths in her local country park.

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