Jon Bisson makes the Indescent boards now branded with the Muddy Fox paw, as featured on the cover of the March BicycleBusiness. But he’s not happy that the main interview in this magazine was with one of the American founding fathers of the sport. Apparently, the “corporate dirge” of Mongoose licensee Evan Lipstein will “turn anyone off the sport who reads it.” Lipstein begs to differ...

Mountain board maker says BicycleBusiness article missed the point about ATBing

The article that appeared in the March issue of BicycleBusiness can be found at:…/article.php?id=2032

It features an interview – conducted by email – with Evan Lipstein who licenses the Mongoose name for his entry-level range of mountain boards. The piece also mentions the website of ATB Sports, the organiser of the ABTA British Championship series. Highlighted at the top of the article is the fact some mountain boards now come equipped with Hope discs, something which would make this category of much more interest of some IBDs.

However, Jon Bisson of Indescent, who sells the ads on his wife’s ATB-Mag, the UK’s first mountain boarding magazine, feels the two-page feature did a disservice to UK mountain boarding

“Here in the UK we have the biggest scene, race series and now the first cycle manufacturer getting directly involved, and you only manage to publish a press release from someone on the other side of the Atlantic.

“I know Evan and he is one of the fathers of the sport but with so much going on in the UK you could have written something interesting instead of publishing corporate dirge that will turn anyone off the sport who reads it.

“I am of course very frustrated that you did not pick up on the Muddy Fox deal as I am involved and it is the first big play by a cycle brand. Evan only licences the name, Muddy Fox are directly involved in production. But it is of course your decision how to position your editorial, but to miss the point so completely and not promote your home manufacturers is exceptionally short sighted.

“It also completely misses the whole point of the sport. If you decide to write on this subject again I would suggest that you talk to some of the most experienced people in the sport, who happen to live in the UK.”

Bisson is aiming to get across his views on why IBDs should stock mountain boards in a mailing of his magazine to 2000 IBDs next month.

He told

“You couldn’t be much less constructive about the sport and I trust the intelligence of your readers to see that there is more to it that what was presented. We are mailing out a free copy of the magazine to over 2000 cycle retailers next month and I will respond to your comments in that issue, allowing the trade to make an informed decision on the sport.”

New York based Evan Lipstein was unsure of where Bisson was coming from, especially as the Indescent board made it to the front cover.

"I imagine since [BicycleBusiness] is UK based that Jon felt that it should be much more focussed on the UK manufacturers? If so, I understand his position but I don’t feel I added any undue influence in the article as to what made it in and what didn’t. I

also am told the Indescent board got the cover shot?…That sounds like some pretty good exposure I would imagine.

"What did I say in my interview that was so objectionable to offer a "corporate dirge that will turn anyone off the sport who reads it?"

"Perhaps I was too business like and not discussing how ‘rad’ our sport is? It is pretty

rad and a helluva lot of fun, but [BicycleBusiness is a] trade publication so my thoughts were directed towards business readers and not towards consumers who want to hear riding stories and learn how to do big air tricks.

"All our sport really needs is additional exposure to both retailers and consumers and its potential will start to be realized."

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