2,000 motorists surveyed and 32% of those don't cycle for 'safety reasons'

Motors.co.uk research claims ‘36% of motorists influenced by Olympics’

Research conducted by online used cars website motors.co.uk has found that (of a panel of 2,000 site users) 36 per cent of motorists claim their attitude toward cyclists has improved since the Olympics.

The YouGov research revealed that the perception of cyclists among one in ten (12%) had improved as a direct result of Team GB’s campaign this summer. An additional six per cent claimed to be increasing the amount of time they spend on their bike.

32 per cent of motorist respondents cited safety concerns about the suitability of British roads for cyclists as their reason for thus far not converting to two wheel travel. Furthermore, 26 per cent would be pleased to see greater investment by the Government in cycle lanes and promotion.

Phill Jones, commercial director of Motors.co.uk commented: “The onus is on the Government to facilitate cycling for the nation, and it is clear that conditions need to vastly improve before we really see the effects of this on Britain’s roads.”

“To put the problem into context, the Dutch Government invests in the region of £10 – £20 a head to ensure that cyclists feel confident on the roads, compared to under £1 a head in the UK. There is absolutely no reason that motorists and cyclists can’t safely co-exist on our roads, and collectively we should be doing all we can to encourage the nation to get on its bike.”

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