More startling local crime stats that may lead you to increase your bike lock stocks

Most bike thieves still getting away with it, says report

Before your customers roll their new bike out of your shop it might be worth leading them to your display of bike locks – new statistics from Merseyside have revealed around 90 per cent of bike thieves in the region get away with it (Southport Visitor). 

The local site reveals that last year 1,535 bikes were reported stolen across Merseyside. 87.4 per cent of those were recorded as ‘investigation complete; no suspect identified’. 

Merseyside is not an exception to the rule. Earlier this month, The Manchester Evening News reported there was just a one in 368 chance that police will track down a stolen bike.

Nationwide, the statistics indicate that 75 per cent of bike thefts are unsolved. 

We don’t know if the lack of resolved bike thefts is due to cyclists not locking up their bikes properly, poor bike parking facilities, overstretched police forces with little time to investigate or something else entirely, but clearly insurance, bike marking and locks can go some way to reduce the risks of customers losing their rides.

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