The AXO importer is now distributing high-end Commençal bicycles and Six Six One helmets

MMA introduce new brands

Commençal (pronounced Commensaal) bicycles are designed in Andorra by Phil Garcia, ex of Sunn.

Martin Lloyd Evans of MMA says Commençal reject the rear mech philosophy which tends to be predominant in the industry. Commençal sells on the quality of the frame, the heart of any bike.

MTB, road and BMX bikes will be available from MMA.

The Commençal Supernormal was voted bike of 2000 in Velo Vert magazine of France.

MMA are looking to appoint a maximum of 50 Commençal stockists.

We will never sell more than 2000 bikes in the UK, never 2001, says Lloyd Evans, echoing the Andorran companies mantra: Commençal will never produce more than 20 000 bikes a year, never 2001.

The MTB range starts at £599 for the Combi and rises to £2100 for the Doctor, a full-suspenion XC MTB.

To check out 661 helmets, go to

MMA have also started distributing the new AXO cycle protection kit for MTB, BMX and dirt jumping.


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