Following a raid this morning on a house in Oxford the local boys in blue have landed themselves with two van loads of bikes, tyres and components, many with their price tags still on. A shop in or close to Oxfordshire appears to have been done over. So, if you're missing some Hoffman's, Haro's, Federal's and other top brands, there's a PC who wants to hear from you...

Missing any branded BMX bikes and components?

PC Alan Steadman of the stolen cycles department of Oxford Constabulary told that he is now in possession of up to 12 "immaculate" BMX bikes and "boxes and boxes" of components.

"And there’s another van still to come in. It’s all really, really good stuff," said PC Steadman.

The occupant of the house which was raided has legged it so there’s no way of finding out where the bikes came from.

As the haul of bikes and bits also included Kestrel-type single bike stands, the thief-in-question has clearly knocked off a bike shop.

If you have the invoices to substantiate a claim on these bikes and components, call PC Steadman on 01865 266280.

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