As well as thunderous emails, whispered snarls and injured silences, BicycleBusiness is now on the receiving end of ad campaign truncations. Our crime? Publishing the Bicycle Association's list of those companies which have decided not to contribute to the Bike Hub levy.

Miffed suppliers pull ads from BikeBiz following mag story about Bike Hub


The majority of companies in the British bicycle business are backing the Bike Hub scheme. In many ways it’s a no-brainer and the creation of the levy scheme has already unlocked government coffers, with the Department for Transport splashing cash on cycling, and with the promise of more funds to come.

Those who choose not to contribute remain to be convinced the ‘levy’ cash will be spent wisely. That’s a perfectly reasonable objection but unless those companies get involved with the scheme they will have no say over how the fund is administered.

So far, the ‘outing’ of the non-contributors has taken place behind closed doors. Soon, the Bike Hub scheme will have a public profile and non-contributors will stick out like sore thumbs.

Halfords has chosen to tough it out, citing support of the Sustrans website and sponsored riders. With Sustrans execs distancing themselves from this fig-leafing, Halfords will become increasingly exposed over its Bike Hub stance. When Bike Hub starts to take on a life of its own it will become harder and harder for companies to remain aloof.

Best to get on board now. This isn’t blackmail, it’s commercial common-sense.

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