With 20 000 Micro Scooters being sold a week (with additional sales from the follow-on brands), scootering is more solid than just a craze, and the next generation of product is about to hit the streets

Micro scooters get second wind

Todays RetailWeek devoted half a page to the trend for a lifestyle product which was first sold through The Gadget Shop this time last year.

Gadget Shop MD Jonathan Elvidge said sales of Micro Scooters would continue to rise:

We expect demand to peak in the run-up to Christmas but unlike crazes such as yo-yos and Pokémon, where once the kids lose interest theres no market at all, the Micro is a lifestyle product and we expect there to be continuing demand.

RetailWeek didnt cover any of the second generation Micro Scooter products. These were previewed at the fashion show 40 Degrees and includes a version with pneumatic tyres, perfect for bike shops.

To see what the new Micro Scooter range looks like go to the official Swiss site. Its Flash heavy and a bit sound-repetitive but the Air Flyer at £140 retail looks like the ideal product for bike shops.

The new Micro Scooters will be available in October.

Tel: 01803 850255


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