Ten wholesalers have been chosen.

Michelin switches tyre distribution to wholesalers

Michelin has restructured the distribution of its cycle tyres in the UK and Ireland to enable it "to remain competitive in the market and offer improved service levels to retailers," said Michelin’s cycle product manager, Andy James.

"The new distribution service uses a network of ten wholesalers to reduce the number of delivery points within the UK. As these wholesalers are closer to the retail market it will enable them to react quicker to customer demands and offer improved delivery and service levels than were previously available.

“No dealers should pay more for their Michelin cycle tyres under this new structure, and some will actually be paying less than they did when buying directly last year."

The ten wholesalers are:

Bob Elliot & Co

Mike Dixon Imports

Arthur Neal & Co Ltd


Italian Solutions

Moore Large & Co Ltd

Raleigh P & A

Mackadam Factors

JD Whisker Ltd

Centro Ltd of Dublin

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