The French tyre company has launched three new road tyres for 2003. They replace models from the Axial range.

Michelin replaces Axials

Replacing the Axial Kevlar is the Erilium, a roadie leisure tyre for touring and commuting. It’s available in 700×23 with a rigid bead, combines a Kevlar reinforced rubber compound casing to provide long wear life and puncture resistance. The black tread area with red stripes around the shoulders, features a classic diamond point tread pattern and offers a good balance between rolling resistance and all-weather grip. Approximate retail price is £14 each.

The Megamium is designed for racing and training and replaces the Axial Performance. It shares the slick silica centre tread and herringbone shoulders of its predecessor, but uses a new casing design called HDC (High Density Casing). This is made from extra-fine woven cord instead of the traditional 33tpi bias cords, and offers improved puncture resistance. The Megamium features black sidewalls and is available with a red, yellow, blue or black tread, and is available in 700×20 and 700×23 sizes with a folding bead. Approximate retail prices are £15 for the 700×20 and £16 for the 700×23.

The 700×23 Carbon replaces the Axial Carbon and is designed for high mileage racing and training. The folding bead Carbon features a black, carbon-reinforced tread compound with yellow borders and black skin-wall sidewalls. For added durability and puncture resistance the tread area features a high-density carbon casing, with a fabric reinforcing ply sandwiched between the layers. The technology used in the Carbon allows it to offer up to 30 percent longer life than the range topping Michelin Pro Race tyre albeit at the expense of an increase in weight. Approximate retail price £23 each.

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