Cult bike brand Maverick American – founded by Paul Turner, ex of RockShox, the man who introduced suspension forks on MTBs – is seeking a select few UK IBDs to market its rather exclusive wares

Maverick American wants the five best IBDs in the UK

He founded Rock Shox in 1989 but when it started to get too ‘corporate’ he bailed out and is now doing what he’s happiest doing: designing brilliant bikes, and the bits that makes them tick, including suspension, disc brakes and even helmets.

Paul Turner much prefers to work with a team of off-the-wall innovators – mavericks, if you will – than kow-tow to a bunch of suits.

With Frank Vogel and Craig Allen, he founded Maverick American in autumn 2000. This produces high-end bikes with attitude. It’s a micro-brand that puts innovation, design and attention to detail a long way ahead of massive sales. Consequently, the brand gets rave reviews. revealed a couple of days ago that Frank Scurlock, ex of Rock Shox, now with Maverick, is coming to the UK soon to see if he can set up a mini dealer network.

Currently stocked only by Sideways Cycles, Scurlock told he would like five of the best dealers in the UK on board.

“We would ship the bikes directly from the US to their door. Best service

this side of the pond. Being a colonist, I know how to treat folks from the

mother country,” said Scurlock.

He will be making a lightning tour of the UK at the end of August and will also be attending Patrick Adams’ Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour enduro at Trentham (August 25-27th).

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