Mapping Europe’s cycle market and number of cycle advocates

The European Cyclists’ Federation has launched a one-stop-shop map for European cycling data, including market size and other metrics.

The map provides info on 28 EU countries and their capitals. (Data for the UK remains for now …)

Starting with data on modal share, bike share and cycling tourism, the map will soon be open for public input and will call upon decision-makers to improve data collection for cycling at all levels of governance.

ECF fiscal policy officer Holger Haubold said:

"There is one issue that annoys cycling researchers, advocates and decision-makers alike: the lack of adequate cycling data. For other transport modes, like car transport or public transport, such databases exist; for cycling, data collection is today mostly done at the local level, with little or no harmonisation of collection methods."

He added: "A reliable database of cycling data is indispensable for the development of cycling."

ECF wants European institutions need to harmonise their data collection systems and facilitate a better exchange of good practices.

The map presents available data on:

  • Cycling modal share
  • Road safety
  • Size of bike markets
  • Cycle tourism
  • Public bike systems/Bike-share
  • Cycling advocacy
  • Cycling counting

The data is presented at the national, regional, and local level. The map also indicates whether there is enough data available for a certain entity or not, highlighting the current gaps in cycling data collection. It is also possible for stakeholders to send in missing data.

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