Fork 'senses' terrain and adjusts accordingly - and it weighs less than the mechanical DLO2

Magura reveals eLect fork with intelligent sensors

Magura has today revealed an electronic fork, dubbed the eLect, that senses the terrain, metre-by-metre, and adjusts accordingly.

A ‘3D-acceleration sensor’ system, which weighs in at 15 grams lighter than the former top-end mechanical ‘Dynamic Lock Out’, controls the fork. The rider can flick between manual and automatic modes via a handlebar mounted wireless remote.

Additionally, the eLECT can be calibrated – this allows the rider to specify the tilt angle which the system will then use to automatically lock or unlock. though intended for cross country, one of the system highlights is the ability to detect free-fall – this opens the previously locked fork to allow for a soft landing which will then automatically relock depending on the tilt angle.

The eLECT is adapted and matched for use with all Magura TS 8 R and TS6 forks. The wireless remote has been designed to fit directly to all MAGURA MT and HS brake clamps, but it is possible to fit with any model if used in conjunction with an additional clamp.

The fork’s lithium-ion battery, which has a cycle of 40 hours in automatic mode and 60 hours in manual mode, recharges via a micro USB-port – found on the forks crown underneath a removeable cap. After five minutes of inactivity, the fork will go to ‘sleep’ to save battery life. The fork ‘wakes up’ again around five seconds after detecting the first minor impact. The lockout from then on can snap into place in around 0.2 seconds. Should the battery run flat on a ride the damper will fully open to allow you to use the fork as normal until the next charge.

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