Magura Service Centre UK has now become Magura Bike Parts Ltd. and, from July 1st, will deal directly with IBDs. Previously, Magura parts were distributed by Venhill Engineering Ltd., Jim Walker and Raleigh P & A.

Magura goes dealer direct in UK

Magura Bike Parts Ltd. is bike trade specific and will not sell motorcycle parts.

Magura Service Centre UK was founded in October 2000 and has been operated since then by Tony Barton, who shifts to the new company. Barton retains his current role as technical manager but, in addition, wil also be the area sales manager for the midlands, north of England and Scotland.

Andy Law, five years with Moore Large, will become Magura’s area sales manager for south England. He joins on 2nd of June.

IBDs will be able to open accounts with Magura from June onwards. Orders can be placed with the area sales managers or directly with Magura Bike Parts in Germany, where an English-speaking telesales person has been recruited. Product will be shipped within 48 hours.

The joint managing directors of Magura Bike Parts UK Limited are Bernd Mollenkopf, sales manager of Magura Bike Parts in Germany, and Christoph Brugger, Magura’s international sales manager.

"Magura wants to demonstrate the importance of the British market for our business," said Brugger.

"There are two main reasons for the significant change in our distribution. First, our products, particularely disc brakes and suspension products, are getting more technically advanced and difficult and it is important to have a close contact to your dealers

and consumers. It turned out that with the current system we had not been able to pass all information to our customers they require.

"Second, as products are getting more comparable, customers prefer the products and brands where they can get the best service. By using our central Germany based warehouse we can guarantee the best availability of products and spares. Moreover, by doing the distribution ourselves we will have a better control of the price structure of our products."

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